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Eternal Beauty of People Around The World
ROAPACIFIC supports beauty of all people


Representative General Trading Company, ‘ROAPACIFIC’

ROAPACIFIC was founded in 1984 as a company specialized in manufacturing camera bag and handbag for professionals. After exporting products to the world market including the United States, Japan, and Europe, ROAPACIFIC accomplished a great accomplishment of getting ‘Export Award’ in 1993 and receiving governmental award for contribution on economic development. In 1997, ROAPACIFIC established a Chinese branch to provide value over quality and price. After advancing to Chinese market, ROAPACIFIC developed various products other than bags based on the excellent network to provide competitive products in a reasonable price. Based on such efforts, ROAPACIFIC signed supply contracts with domestic large companies (LG Household & Health Care, CJ Group, Sajo Group, Daesang Group, Nonghyup, etc.) and started exports to China. Developing as the representative general trading company of Korea, ROAPACIFIC is continuing its relationship with ‘LG Household & Health Care’s vender companies, CJ Group, Sajo Group, Daesang Group, Nonghyup, etc.’.


Credibility and Faith Based On Decades of Trust

ROAPACIFIC built up trust with partner companies while having continuing business with China for decades.
ROAPACIFIC is still continuing its business on both countries. While other existing companies withdrew from the difficulties in localization, ROAPACIFIC stands still.
ROAPACIFIC promises to develop and grow in to the true ROAPACIFIC for customers based on customer orientation, challenging spirit, professional attitude, credibility, and faith.

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